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How SawBox Guitars Came To Be

Custom Resonator Cigar Box Guitar - SawBo

Everybody has a story to tell. This is how Sawyer Cigar Box Guitars came to be. . .

I have always wanted to play guitar, but never had the time. The complexities of fingering chords was a barrier to my first attempts at playing .... UNTIL: At a Maker Faire, I met an amazing group (The Budrows), who were selling slide guitar kits! I had immediate success playing a slide guitar, and the sound really appealed to me. Next thing you know, I built one, then another and so-on. As I met more amazing musicians, they challenged me to expand my skills and products to Ukuleles, 6 string guitars, basses, many kinds of amplifiers, and more! Today, I have made hundreds of kits and numbered instruments. I continue to ship them all over the world! This is truly a labor of love! I keep my prices low to keep the music flowing. Nothing makes me happier than the smiles on my customers faces as they discover the joys of home made music.

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