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SawBox Custom Guitars

The Guitar that started it all! 

And possibly, the easiest guitar to play... EVER...

The simple slide three string guitar creates the simplest expression of a chord.  Ok, it sounds good!  Most Rock and Roll is played on a Power Chord - 3 strings at a time.  The SawBox takes that concept one step further, and it is tuned to a power chord.  With no complex fingering, and just a simple slide, you can play all kinds of beautiful music!  I have sold hundreds of these in kit form at Maker Faire, and all it takes is a little glue, and a pair of screwdrivers to put it together!  (I'll build them for you if you like!  There are lots of options, Check out my Store to see what I have in stock, or message me and we'll find the perfect Cigar Box to start your musical journey!


Slide Guitars

Custom Built SawBoxes

My most favorite thing to do is be inspired by an object...  Every where I go, I see ordinary things that are just waiting for somebody to make them into guitars so their voices can be heard!  Flea Markets and Garage Sales are my favorite places to shop, because you never know what you will find!   

I custom make every guitar I sell... From the Welded Rebar Heavy Metal Guitar, to the copper pipe Steampunk guitar, License plates, hub caps, 2x4's and, yes,  even Cigar Boxes....   If you can imagine it, I can build it!  There are too many options to list!

My most popular fretted instrument is the three string fretted CBG (Cigar Box Guitar)  Acoustic models start at $269.   

Yes, there are cheaper guitars out there, but few match my experience, quality, and playability.  

Email me and we'll chat!  There's no obligation, I could talk about these things and options for hours!


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